John worked as a clinical academic professionally for 35 years. His research interests were in facial pain, hypersensitivity reactions of the head and neck, and mouth cancer. He is a trained mediator and mentor.

John is currently Emeritus Professor of Oral Medicine in the University of Aberdeen, Honorary Consultant in Oral Medicine to the UK Army, and a member of the Lived Experience Panel of the Scottish Government’s National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group. The death of John’s youngest child, Cameron, to suicide in 2019 changed him and his life journey forever.



I helped set up The Canmore Trust along with John, my husband, following the devastating loss of Cameron, our son, to suicide in 2019.

Our desire was to see suicide challenged and try to understand it, seeing if there was any way to help prevent it, as well as to help those affected by it, like ourselves.

I was brought up near Lockerbie where my father was a local vet and I went on to study medicine at the University of Glasgow, later working in Glasgow and Stirling hospitals and doing my GP training in Shetland.

I am a retired GP having worked in practice for over 30 years. I practiced in Callander near Stirling where we live and brought up our 3 children here for over 20 years.



Eddie is one of our trustees at The Canmore Trust and is committed to seeing its vision realised in Scotland as it seeks to create safe spaces for lives impacted by suicide as well as proactively raising suicide awareness and so enabling increased prevention.

Eddie works in the business sphere where he promotes self-awareness and relational trust as crucial components of healthy organisational culture. In addition Eddie brings experience in values based and purpose driven organisational planning


Angus is a dedicated Trustee at The Canmore Trust. Over the past six years, he has owned and operated a thriving security business in Edinburgh, alongside working on other exciting ventures.

Having forged a deep bond with Cameron in their youth, Angus cherishes the memories they made throughout their friendship and is now committed to promoting The Canmore Trust both within Scotland and beyond.



Joanne is one of our trustees. She is a retired Modern Languages teacher who lives in Callander. Joanne wants to bring her knowledge and experiences to The Canmore Trust with a desire to help those in need of support.


Susie is our Administrator at The Canmore Trust. She spent over 30 years working in the dental industry before moving over to join TCT. She brings a wealth of business experience from her previous roles as well as having qualifications in End of Life Care and Teaching and Education.

She is passionate about promoting The Canmore Trust in Scotland and the UK in raising awareness of suicide and it’s prevention in our communities.



Audrey has the role of Safeguarding Lead within the Trust. She has been involved in safeguarding for over 30 years as a teacher, headteacher and safeguarding trainer. Audrey has a passion for working with others to promote improved outcomes and positive mental wellbeing.

Recently retired, Audrey is enjoying this new chapter with increased opportunities for family and friendship time, personal interest training and of course, supporting the work of TCT.