The Canmore Trust is a charitable company (SC715713).  We first registered with OSCR as a charity (SC051511) in January 2022 so we really are the new kids on the block!  Our Aims are deliberately far-reaching as we are utterly committed to impacting the suicide community with both suicide prevention and suicide postvention:.

The charitable purposes for which the Trust is established as a legal entity are the advancement of health and the saving of lives and the Trust will fulfil its charitable purpose by working actively in both suicide prevention and in suicide postvention which may include without limitation:

  • Working with schools, colleges and universities to raise awareness of suicide and to prevent suicide; 
  • Establishing facilities in which individuals challenged by suicide and families affected by suicide can be assisted to rebuild their lives; 
  • Training individuals with “lived experience” of suicide to provide support and assistance to others; 
  • Facilitating a programme of research across UK universities investigating and identifying psychological and physiological risk factors in suicide; 
  • Working across the suicide charities sector to co-ordinate and facilitate a unified approach to funding and action against suicide. 

Our Values

As a charity, our values are very important to us.  They underpin and influence everything that we do.  We are compassionate, personal, determined, collaborative and hopeful.


Showing empathy & identifying with others through shared experience. Creating a culture of kindness.


Working with others in the suicide community, both charities and other agencies, to reduce suicide and to effect change. Attempt at all times to be inclusive and non-judgemental.


Listening to each person as an individual. Being present for each person we engage with.


To bring hope to those impacted by suicide. To help those with suicidal thinking to find hope.


Bold in speaking about our aims. Fearless in challenging the shame and stigma around suicide.


We have a Chairman, a Board of Trustees, a Chief Executive Officer, an Administrator and a Minute Secretary and Safeguarding Officer. We have a growing team across the country of “experienced friends” – individuals with experience of being touched by suicide who have undergone bespoke training to allow them to support others on their journey of suicide grief.