Angus says:

“As someone who has personally experienced the devastating impact of suicide, with the loss of my beloved brother Andy, I intimately understand the profound toll it takes on families, friends, and communities. His passing was a heart-wrenching moment that reverberated through our lives, leaving an indelible mark on all who knew him. In the wake of this tragedy, I have been driven by a deep-seated desire to turn my pain into purpose, to channel my grief into action. This journey led me to discover both The Baton of Hope and The Canmore Trust. Having participated in the London leg of The Baton of Hope in 2023, I witnessed firsthand the impact of The Baton of Hope and felt a profound connection. I’ve seen first had the work of The Canmore Trust in suicide prevention and postvention and have huge admiration for what they are doing.

Cycling has always been more than just a physical pursuit for me; it has served as a sanctuary for my own mental well-being, providing solace and clarity in times of turmoil. While I have tackled numerous races and challenges over the years, this year’s Flandrian Cycle Challenge holds a special significance—a chance to raise awareness of suicide prevention on a journey of hope unlike any other. The Flandrian Cycle Challenge is held in Belgium where cyclists navigate challenging terrain through the picturesque countryside of Flanders, testing endurance and skill on iconic routes including 59 Bergs (climbs and cobbled sections). This challenge needs to be completed in 72 hours and the version I will be undertaking is over 400km long with over 5400m of climbing!

By participating in this grueling cycling challenge, I aim to symbolize the endurance required to overcome life’s obstacles, much like the resilience needed to confront mental health struggles. Through fundraising efforts and spreading awareness about the Baton of Hope’s and The Canmore Trusts vital work, I hope to contribute to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health issues and encourage those in despair to seek the assistance they deserve. With every pedal stroke, I am dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of those grappling with suicidal ideation, showing them that they are not alone and that there is Hope.”

Here’s a link to his website where you can donate to encourage Angus on his amazing endeavour

Cycling for Suicide Prevention #59Bergs4Hope | givestar

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